Best Mountain Bike Gloves for Big Hands

We understand how hard it can be to find the right pair of mountain bike gloves when you have larger-sized hands than the rest of the mountain biking community. A lot of riders tend to give up on the overly snug fit, and simply buy fingerless gloves. But that leaves your fingers exposed in the cold and less protection in a crash. That is why we have rounded up the best MTB gloves for big hands for you to select from.  

Mountain bike gloves are an essential piece of kit that provides an extra barrier between you and the ground. Not only do they keep you well protected from abrasions, but they also reduce vibrations felt through the bike and sweaty hands slipping from the bars, so you have a far more comfortable ride! 

We take a number of factors into consideration when selecting the best MTB gloves for big hands. These include the fit, comfort and padding, durability, and touchscreen usability of the mountain bike glove.  

Best Mountain Bike Gloves for Big Hands 

Here we have the best mountain bike gloves for bigger hands, in order.  

Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 Full Finger Glove Review 

Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 Glove
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Troy Lee Designs is well known for providing gloves for slightly larger hands. While sizing does only go up to XXL, you will find that Troy Lee’s sizing runs bigger than most.  

The Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 is a great all-around mountain bike glove. The palm has minimal padding, the fingers are touch screen compatible, and the material is durable. I have ridden with an older version of the Troy Lee Designs gloves for the past four years, and only recently have there been signs of wear.  

The Ace 2.0 is a slip-on full finger glove, with ultralight breathable fabric for breathability on the ride. The silicon grip on the fingers assists with the grip on the break levers and the un-padded palm helps you feel the ride on the way down!

Troy Lee Designs Gambit Full Finger Glove Review 

Troy Lee Designs Gambit Glove
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The other glove I would consider in the Troy Lee range is the Troy Lee Designs Gambit. It has a hook and loop closure system, which may be easier for a larger-handed person to pull the glove over their hand.  

It is a well-protected glove on both the palm and the knuckles. The glove is originally designed for motorcycle riders, so the durability and protection are much higher than a MTB Glove. The padding on the knuckles is made of D30. This is a material that hardens on impact, often found in knee pads or elbow pads. It is a very clever technology as it allows for lightweight, flexible protection while riding and very protective material in a crash.  

The Gambit also has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so if you see anything not right, Troy Lee will replace the gloves for you!  

Fox DirtPaw Full Finger Glove Review 

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Glove
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The Fox DirtPaw has often been reported as a great glove for riders with big hands. The sizes range from small through to 3XL, which should be large enough for even the largest hands. 

They have great protection of the knuckles and are very durable. The palm has a few sections of silicon which provide a little extra grip. The glove is also touch screen compatible which is super handy! 

The only issue is the limited breathability. In hot temperatures, your hands will likely tend to heat up a bit. The other thing I am not a massive fan of is the hook and loop closure system being on the top of the wrist. The Velcro can grow less sticky over time and become very annoying while descending. Many others don’t seem to have had this issue, but it is something to keep in mind. 

Mechanix Impact Full Finger Glove Review 

Mechanix Wear Impact Gloves
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These are a do it all kind of glove. Go straight from fixing the car through to sending it down some mountain bike hills. These are tough, durable, nothing fancy kind of gloves that more than do the trick. 

The synthetic leather palm and reinforced fingers mean that the glove will still be operational after a gnarly crash. And it will mean the glove provides great grip onto the handlebars and break levers. They aren’t so great at wiping away the sweat from your face, and there is no touch screen compatibility, but they more than do the trick at keeping your hands protected. 

The size ranges from XXS through to XXL, but the sizes tend to run a bit higher than your standard MTB glove. Click here to see the sizing chart.  

Pearl Izumi Ride Elite Gel Full Finger Glove Review 

Pearl Izumi Ride Elite Gel Full Finger Gloves
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The Pearl Izumi Ride Elite Gel Full Finger Glove is a fantastic glove if you are looking for something comfortable and light.  

The material is light and breathable, so you will be comfortable on the climbs or on hotter days. The palm is made of synthetic leather and has a number of specifically placed gel pads.  

These gel pads help reduce the effect of vibrations as you descend. If you are a rider who often gets numb hands or fingers during downhill rides, these might just be the gloves for you. 

Sizes range from S to XXL, which allows for the longer fingers or larger hands to slide on in! These are very popular, long-lasting gloves which you will be sure to love! 

What to look for in Mountain Bike Gloves for Big Hands? 

You want to look for durable gloves. With larger hands, it is likely you may be stretching the gloves at the seams. If the stitching is poor or the material is likely to stretch out of place, they aren’t the gloves for you. 

Wrist closure systems can be tricky. Hook and loop closure systems (using a Velcro strap) may be better for larger hands as it doesn’t require you to stretch the glove to get it on. The only issue with this is that Velcro tends to become less sticky over time and often comes undone while riding. I had this issue myself, and while the gloves aren’t just going to come off, it is annoying.  

On the other hand, having slide-on gloves with elastic cuffs may mean you will stretch the gloves out of shape. Generally, manufacturers do prepare for this, but if you make sure you are buying quality gloves this will be far less likely to occur.  

Having gel padding on the palms isn’t essential but may be more comfortable for you. Personally, I prefer riding without gel pads, but it does help prevent hand numbness when I do! 

While it may be tricky with bigger hands, try to make sure you don’t have excess material when you cup your hands or grip your bars. It leaves marks due to excess pressure on your hands, reduces your grip, and can be quite uncomfortable.  

Having gloves with touch screen compatibility will mean you don’t need to struggle in and out of your gloves more than once in a ride. A lot of gloves these days do have great touch screen compatibility, which is super handy to have! 

Final Thoughts 

Finding gloves for large hands can be pretty tricky. This round-up of the best MTB gloves for big hands does a cover bit of information and hopefully a few tricks to finding the best gloves for you.  

Troy Lee Designs is the safest bet when it comes to sizing for larger hands, and the quality and durability are unlikely to let you down.  

The Mechanix gloves, while not specific mountain biking gloves, are a great choice if you aren’t too fussy about having the ‘nice-to-haves’. They are super durable and tough, but you won’t get a nice sweat wipe nor touch screen compatibility.  

They are all great gloves, and it will just depend on what aspects of the mountain biking glove you prefer. Whether it is having padded gloves for shock absorption, a more breathable fabric to stop sweaty hands, or a more protected glove for rough terrain.

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