Best Winter Mountain Bike Shoes of 2020: Top Five Picks

When it comes to winter shoes for mountain biking, you need to use ones that are suitable for the situation. That is why you need to buy shoes that are specially designed to be used for mountain biking and cycling.

And to add, they must be suitable to be used in the extreme winter cold conditions up in the mountains. That means ample insulation as well as for walking in the wet and snowy conditions you might encounter.

We will take a look at some of these types of shoes in this review to see what they can provide for mountain bikers.

Comparison Chart

SHIMANO Sh-mw700 Mountain Bike Cycling Shoes


Lake Cycling MXZ303 Winter Boot


Fizik X5 Artica 44 Shoe


SHIMANO SH-XM9 Adventure Shoe


Lake MXZ400 Winter Cycling Boot


Best Winter Mountain Bike Shoes Reviews

Sh-MW700 Mountain Bike Shoes From Shimano

With Shimano MW700 mountain bike shoes, you get good, reliable protection for your feet as well as great comfort. And these shoes are quite affordable to put them in reach of most mountain bikers out there to experience these fantastic shoes.


These mountain bike shoes are made with comfort in mind, and that is improved even further with the outer part of the shoe. They are made from synthetic leather that will help keep your feet comfortable while you are wearing them.

The shoes are also quite comfortable to walk in for the times you need to walk up the mountainside while pushing your bike. This is because of the rigid and strong but somewhat flexible Michelin outsoles that are provided with these shoes.

They are great for cold regions where you need shoes that will keep your feet warm most of the time. And that is provided with the extra insulation against the cold.

The high-quality outsoles that come with these shoes provide extra sure footing on the trails. The soles will help to provide tremendous and safe traction while walking over muddy trails as well as slippery roots.

They will provide extra protection against wet conditions to keep your feet dry with a quick and easy hook and loop closure. And these mountain bike shoes are perfect for all-mountain trails and conditions to keep your feet warm and dry most of the time.

But there is one problem with these mountain bike shoes from Shimano, and that is they are not suitable for flat pedals. This might take away some of the versatility of these shoes, especially for the beginner mountain biker.

They might also let some water in at the ankles in heavy rain conditions so you might need further protection. The problem is if they do get wet it will take a long time to dry out again, leaving them out of action.


  • These shoes are of strong and durable construction
  • Good isolation is provided
  • They are very comfortable on the feet
  • Extended cuff for added protection


  • They are not ideal for flat pedals
  • Will take quite some time to dry out


MXZ303 Men’s Winter Boots By Lake Cycling

Good quality and reliability are what you get in this pair of shoes together with great aesthetics for showing off. While they might come with a high price point attached to them, the great features included will make up for that.


You get excellent insulation included with these shoes to protect your feet against the cold during the winter. And both the heel and toe are equipped with the Outlast heating technology that will improve the protection.

With a very strong and durable Vibram outsole, you have added security of sure footing with these mountain bike shoes. It will also help to keep you safe on the slippery slopes and the muddy trails of the mountainside.

These shoes are made from strong and durable materials that will help to improve longevity and have long-lasting reliability. Furthermore, the craftsmanship of these shoes is of top quality that will instill peace of mind and trust in the wearer.

To add to the great quality of these shoes, you also have the waterproof feature included. There are also wind and waterproof flaps that are attached to keep the ankles dry all the time.

Overall, these shoes are the ideal mountain bike shoes to be used if you are looking for reliability and great service. And that is even more enhanced with all the great features included, keeping your feet warm and dry while out mountain biking.

But there is one design flaw in these shoes, and that is they tend to be a bit on the narrow side. So you may need to go for a larger shoe size than you usually wear, which may cause other fitting issues.

There is also the fact that these shoes will not really keep your feet warm in very cold regions. So you again may need to buy a larger size so you can wear thicker socks with them.


  • Very strong and sturdy construction
  • There is ample isolation for medium cold regions
  • Comes with an easy closure system
  • There are many extra features included with these shoes


  • The shoes are a bit narrow
  • They are not suitable for very cold regions


Fizik X 5 Artica Cycling Shoes For Men

High quality and many extra features are what you will get when you buy these cycling shoes from Fizik. They are also designed to look great on your feet if you want shoes that will display well with your outfit.


The quick and comfortably fitting internal speed lacing that comes with these cycling shoes makes it easy to use them. That will also help the shoes to easily fit accurately to the shape of your feet, providing a comfortable fit.

With the innovative Microtel shell that is reinforced, it will provide better protection to your feet in hard conditions. It will also offer structured support to the feed to prevent fast fatigue to the feet while you wear the shoes.

There is also a breathable membrane attached to the cycling shoe to improve the shoe’s breathability even more. This means your feet will not get too hot inside the shoes while you are wearing them.

Outfitted with a carbon outsole, this cycling shoe will provide secure footing when it becomes necessary to walk. And it is also stiff enough to provide maximum power transfer to improve safety in these cycling shoes.

The waterproof outer of the shoe will help keep your feet dry and warm the whole time you wear them. The outer zip that is also waterproof will enhance the protection of your feet from wet conditions even more.

There is one problem: the zipper is not high-quality, and it might break sooner than you expect. This will leave your feet more exposed to the wet conditions and take away some of the cycling shoes’ quality.

Unfortunately, the cycling shoes from Fizik might be a bit on the stiff side and may cause some discomfort. That is not great for when you need to walk long distances while pushing your mountain bike up steep trails.


  • These shoes come with great insolation included
  • They also protect feet against overheating
  • Many extra features are included with these cycling shoes
  • Strong and durable construction


  • A bit on the stiff side for walking
  • Some parts might be of mediocre quality


Shimano SH-XM9 Adventure Mountain Bike Shoes

These cycling shoes come with great quality and craftsmanship included to give you long-lasting shoes that are quite comfortable. Furthermore, the look of these shoes will put them in quite a high-class fashion category for footwear and display quite nicely.


The high-quality leather outer of these shoes makes them very durable to last for a very long time and provide long service. It will provide great protection for your feet to keep them safe and warm while cycling with them.

The leather also provides great protection for the toes with a reinforced rubber toe box that is included with these shoes. And this will improve the overall durability of the shoes as well as provide good ankle support for stability.

With the mid-top design, you will also get great protection and support for your feet while cycling and walking. It will also provide much better stability and ankle support to keep your feet safe while you are using them.

The design is also made from waterproof materials to help keep your feet dry in the wet conditions in the mountains. And it is also breathable to allow moisture to escape to keep the feet dry on the inside as well.

The improved ankle padding will also prevent anything from entering the shoes while you are pedaling for added protection. These shoes are designed to be used for cycling with just the right amount of stiffness in the soles.

Unfortunately, the plates that are attached to the soles of the cycling shoes are a bit uncomfortable to walk with. This might just make the shoes a bit less comfortable for when you need to walk with your bike on steep mountainsides.

These cycling shoes are not suitable to be used for flat pedaling, which may cause some discomfort. This problem makes these cycling shoes from Shimano not really ideal for the beginner mountain biker out there.


  • Provides great protection for feet
  • These shoes come with a strong and sturdy design
  • These shoes are easy and fast to fit
  • They come with great features included


  • The plates attached are a bit uncomfortable
  • Not really suitable for flat pedaling


Lake MXZ400 Winter Cycling Boots

You get great looking boots that come with a lot of great features included to provide comfort and durability. While they might come with quite a high price tag attached to them, you get a significant number of added features.


These cycling boots are made from high-quality materials with the uppers that are made from full-grain leather. This will provide ample protection for the feet against the cold and wet conditions in the mountains.

They are weatherproof to help keep the feet dry all the time you are wearing these cycling boots. This material also makes the shoes breathable, so it will allow vapors to escape through the material keeping the feet dry.

The soles of the boots from Lake Cycling are fitted out with a very strong and durable high-quality rubber ice grip. This will also help to improve your footwork while you are wearing the boots walking in the mountains

Fitted with the quick closing Boa dials, it is quite easy to fit these shoes quickly and easily and to get out of them as well. These are the perfect winter cycling boots for the most extreme conditions with added protection against the cold.

The excellent protection against the cold with these cycling boots are enhanced with the Outlast heel and tongue lining used. The extra insulation that is included will help to keep the feet warm while trapping the heat on the inside.

But as it is with most of the Lake boots and shoes, these boots are also a bit on the narrow side. And that will mean you need to buy a larger size for better fitting purposes.

These cycling boots are also on the heavy side with all the extra features and protection included. This might cause your feet to get tired if you wear these cycling boots for long periods at a time.


  • These cycling boots are strong and durable
  • They come with many extra features included
  • Comes with an easy fitting feature
  • Will provide great protection for the feet


  • These cycling boots are a bit narrow
  • They are also a bit on the heavy side



Now we must choose a winner among these great winter mountain bike cycling shoes, which is not easy. But we chose the Shimano adventure mountain bike shoes that come with many extras and great protection features.

The runner up pair of mountain bike cycling shoes are also from Shimano but at a much lower price point. They are the MW700 mountain bike cycling shoes that are great for protecting your feet against the cold conditions in the mountains.