Giro Privateer Mountain Biking Shoes Review

Are you looking for mountain bike shoes? Do you want to check the pros and cons of the product before buying them? Thankfully, you have landed at the right place.

A mountain bike shoe is a long term investment and you need to choose the right pair. They must be comfortable while stiff enough to transfer power efficiently.

Giro Privateer mountain bike shoes are one of the most popular shoes among cyclists. They have incredible design and perfect soles that allow you to ride for longer durations. In this article, we will review the shoes and find out its positive and negative aspects.

Table of Contents:1 Giro Privateer Mountain Cycling Shoes1.1 Who are These Cycling Shoes for?1.2 What’s Included?1.3 Overview of Features1.4 How to Use Giro Privateer Mountain Cycling Shoes1.5 Pros1.6 Cons2 Alternative2.1 Tommaso Roma Multi-Use Cycling Shoes3 Conclusion

Giro Privateer Mountain Cycling Shoes


Giro was founded back in 1985 in Santa Cruz, California. The company started with lightweight helmets. Due to the enormous success of their initial product, they started producing other sportswear, including shoes.

Giro has redesigned its Privateer to increase its efficiency. The elegant shoes were introduced back in November 2019, and since then, they have changed their appearance to make them more comfortable. At the same time, they have all the features of the previous Privateer. Let’s take a look at these shoes in detail.

Who are These Cycling Shoes for?

Giro Privateer is a premium cycling shoe design for cyclists. If you are a professional or amateur cyclist and you need mountain bike shoes, these are for you. The Privateer shoes are introduced for long-duration cycling. They are not recommended for a casual walk.

What’s Included?

The package includes a pair of shoes and molded EVA footbed with medium arch support. It doesn’t include any other accessories that you may require like cleats or pedals. However, they are compatible with most of the pedal or cleat systems. You can buy any cleat system separately.

Overview of Features

Mountain bike shoes need to fit well and be durable. They should be able to stand up in tough weather conditions. The Privateer meets these requirements with a considerable margin. They are packed with Empire laces to give you an unmatched fit and adjustment. It is one of the lightest closure system.

When it comes to power transfer, Giro Privateer will not hold you back. They are injected with a nylon plate to ensure smooth energy transfer. With stainless steel hardware, you would be able to transfer more energy through to the pedals. It also features a rubber outsole to ensure you have a perfect grip all the time.

When you are wearing the shoes, you won’t slip over the pedals, due to the excellent grip due to rubber outsole. There is also an EVA footbed with medium arch support. It will enhance your comfort level while reducing your efforts.

Unlike other mountain bike shoes, it is compatible with all 2-bolt cleat or pedal systems. You can use your old system or buy one, including Time ATAC, Crank, Brothers, SPD, Shimano, etc. You won’t have any compatibility issues.

Anyone would love to buy these shoes due to their elegant look. They are available in various colors. The microfiber upper has enhanced the look of the shoe. To make it even better, the manufacturer has used a reinforced toe cap for safety. It makes for a perfect combination.

While we are talking about its features, you might wonder about breathability. Can you wear them for long rides without any overheating problem? Yes, you can. They have excellent breathability. You can use them for long rides in the mountains or on on the road without any issues.

Each shoe weighs about 355 grams (size 42). If you compare its weight with other shoes, it beats most of them. While designing professional-grade mountain bike shoes, it isn’t easy to keep them lightweight. Amazingly, Giro has produced a pair of lightweight shoes.

When you look at its specifications, you can understand that it’s a costly pair. The shoes cost you more than ordinary mountain bike shoes. However, they deliver much more than other pairs. If you want to buy a pair of shoes that will last for years, these are perfect for you.

How to Use Giro Privateer Mountain Cycling Shoes

Here is a quick video to demonstrate how to use these shoes:


  • Durable
  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable for long rides
  • Lightweight


  • No lace keeper


Giro Privateer is an excellent pair of shoes for cycling anywhere in the world. If you find them costly or want to buy a multipurpose shoe, you may need to look at the following alternative.

Tommaso Roma Multi-Use Cycling Shoes

Tommaso is a well-known brand for sports shoes. They are popular due to their incredible range of footwear for cycling. They offer beginner and professional-grade shoes.

Here is a multipurpose cycling shoe that you can use for walking as well. They are designed for beginner cyclists who don’t ride for longer durations. Tommaso has tested the shoe in urban environments to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

At first glance, they look like a sneaker, but they provide you perfect walkability. Furthermore, they have brilliant power transfer. It may look like they will not transfer enough power, but that is not true.

Tommaso provides a two-year-warranty on each product so you can buy with full confidence. Moreover, if you find any issues with the product, you can return it for free.

The Roma is designed with a hidden shank plate to ensure maximum power transfer. An ultra-grippy rubber is used to design the sole of the shoe. It avoids slipping and allows you to use it in any weather. With adjustable laces and a closure strap, it looks extremely elegant.

Amazingly, the pair of shoes will cost you far less than you may expect. If you are trying to buy a budget cycling shoes, look no further than this pair.


Looking at the features, Giro Privateer is the ultimate winner. It is hard to find any design issues. They are comfortable and stiff at the same time. Mountain bike shoes must be more rigid to transfer power effectively.

If you are looking for multipurpose shoes or low budget mountain bike shoes, you can opt to buy Tommaso Roma. They are not built for long rides, but they can stand a few hours. Moreover, you can use them for a casual walk as well.