Shimano SH-WM83L Womens MTB Cycling Shoes A Review  
Mountain Bike Shoes Reviews

Shimano SH-WM83L Women’s MTB Cycling Shoes: A Review  

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Mountain cycling has become a new and popular way to be fit and more people are joining in on this trend. To put it in figures, it is estimated by the Outdoor Industry Foundation that more than 40 million living in the United States go mountain biking every year. That is because mountain biking is a fun way to enjoy exercising and also has tons of benefits.

Some of the several benefits that mountain biking include are an improved overall heart health, lesser stress on the joints, and better and stronger immune system. It also helps in battling depression and reducing stress, improves the brain power, ensures you get better sleep and several more. One of the biggest benefits of mountain biking though is that you get to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air, which is difficult if you live in a metropolitan city.

You can get away using your regular shoes to ride a cycle, but there are numerous benefits that you get from a pair of mountain bike shoes since it has been specifically designed for it. MTB shoes generally have a stiff sole which is necessary so that you can pedal efficiently, but should also have enough flexibility, usually with a rubber outsole, so that you can walk comfortably in them and probably hike too.

Now, that you have a better idea about mountain bike shoes, we are certain you may be interested in having one for your next bike ride. That is great because for all the ladies out there; we are reviewing the Shimano SH-WM83L Women’s MTB Cycling Shoes.

Shimano SH-WM83L Women’s MTB Cycling Shoes

Shimano, Inc is a Japanese manufacturing company that is well known for their cycling, fishing and rowing types of equipment. It is said that this company’s cycling product sales constitute nearly 50% of the world’s bicycle market.

It was then in the year 1990 that it started manufacturing a range of clipless pedals and matching shoes. They designed these shoes in such a way that they would have a recess in the bottom of it to fit small cleats. Hence, the shoes would not protrude and could also comfortably be used as walking and hiking shoes.


Pedal compatibility is a very important feature of any mountain bike shoes. A pair of clipless mountain bike shoes will have a two-hole cleat system (SPD), and this system generally latches on to a compatible pedal. That is an essential feature of any mountain bike shoes, and it is imperative that you look out for it when you buy one. Thankfully, you will not have to worry about it in the Shimano Women’s MTB Shoes.

Along with that, this product has a stiff polyamide sole that is fiberglass reinforced. Such will transfer power very effectively yet offer you some articulation when you use it for indoor activities, such as walking up and down the stairs, spin class and so on. The outsole is made out of rubber lugs, while the insole has a padding that supports and cushions your entire foot evenly.

In terms of this product’s comfort, it weighs just about a pound making it super light and comfortable to use. Likewise, the material used for it is a synthetic leather. It is very durable and will keep your feet comfortable in any weather. Additionally, it also has a mesh, making it breathable. You can be confident that your feet are secure within as it has a ratcheting buckle along with two hooks and loop straps.

This pair of shoes is available in color black and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 36 to 44 to be precise. The toe box adjusts itself to the person’s foot shape.


  • Very versatile. Can be worn for cycling, hiking and walking.
  • This pair comes with a two-hole cleat system.
  • Extremely sturdy and is made from a high-quality material
  • The toe box can adjust according to the shape of the person’s foot.
  • Can also be used for indoor cycling
  • This product weighs only about a pound.


  • Can tend to get a little slippery when you walk
  • Plastic straps tend to start curling after some time.


The pair of Shimano SH-WM83L Women’s MTB Cycling Shoes comes along with a two-hole cleat system made out of synthetic leather. It weighs only approximately a pound and is available in one color and nine different sizes. It is versatile, as it can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. Also, the toe box takes the shape of your foot making it very comfortable to use.


When compared to the Pearl iZUMi Women’s Cycling shoes, the Shimano SH-WM83L Women’s MTB Cycling Shoes definitely has the upper hand. To begin with, this pair of shoes has a Velcro lace system for easy and quick support which its counterpart lacks, as it has a traditional rope lace set up.

You will notice that the fit of the pair of shoes from iZUMi isn’t as snug and perfect as its counterpart, which sort of tends to get uncomfortable over long use. Additionally, the pair of Shimano Women’s shoes comes in nine sizes, and its counterpart is available in just two sizes, making it available only for a select few.

In terms of their similar features, they both are available only in black and have a two-hole cleat system. Both also weigh almost the same, which is about a pound. However, the material of the Shimano shoes is more durable and sturdier than the other one as it is made from synthetic leather which is also highly comfortable.


The pair of Shimano SH-WM83L Women’s MTB Cycling Shoes is definitely one of the best women’s MTB shoes that are available in the market. Available in a variety of sizes, this product comes along with a two-hole cleat system and will fit the pedal perfectly for efficient pedaling. In addition, it is lightweight and very durable. It will be every penny’s worth and will last you for a really long time.

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