Sidi Dominator 7 Review

While you might be aware that cycling shoes greatly differ from other sporting footwear, there are also different types of cycling shoes. There are three types of cycling shoes we can choose from—cycling shoes, triathlon cycling shoes and mountain biking shoes.

All three types of cycling shoes differ from each other, but the mountain biking shoes are fundamentally different from road and triathlon cycling shoes. In this article, we will talk a bit about what makes mountain biking shoes different from the other two types of cycling shoes and look at a popular brand of mountain biking shoe, Sidi Dominator 7.

Mountain biking shoes not only differ from road and triathlon shoes in appearance but also in how they function. The most obvious difference is that mountain bike shoes have grips and lugs under the soles. These lugs enable a cyclist to walk or hike when they are forced to dismount in order to traverse impassable terrain or other obstacles.

Among the other features that define mountain biking shoes is the type of cleat system, which different from to other cycling shoes. Also, these shoes are made out of a stronger and water resistant material such as synthetic leather. This allows a cyclist to walk on mucky trails without affecting their performance.

Cleats on the mountain bike shoes are completely different from road cycling cleats. The cleats on mountain bike shoes are much smaller and can fit inside the lugs on the sole. They are designed this way in order to stay clear of debris and mud.

An important note, cleats usually don’t come with shoes and need to be purchased independently. So, make sure you get the correct cleats for your mountain bike shoes.

Sidi Dominator 7 Features


The Side Dominator was made out of synthetic material in order to withstand the harsh conditions of mountain biking trails. The sole is made out of nylon, which guarantees durability and a firm grip.

The shoes are made out a special technology called microfibra microtech, which provides a high degree of resistance while maintaining a lighter weight. It also provides a greater degree of stability along with transferability and water repellency, which ensures maximum possible comfort without sacrificing on performance.

Among its many features is that it is manufactured using water-tech water treatment technique. The final product of using such a technique requires less chemical treatment which is not only good for the environment but also for the cyclist.

It utilizes something called the soft instep closure system, which essentially is a wide and anatomically curved strap. The strap is padded with an EVA pad, which helps evenly distribute pressure around the instep area. Due to this, there is no need for a high instep extender. Also, the soft instep system is replaceable.

The shoes’ micrometric closure system is called the caliper buckle. Caliper buckle involves two buckles for maximum support and versatility. In order to adjust the tightness, the central buckle has to be lifted. To completely open, both buckles on the sides must be lifted together. Pressing the buckles loosens one tooth at a time.

The various ways to loosen or open the shoes allows a cyclist to adjust their shoes while in use without worrying about accidentally unfastening the shoes. The ability to adjust a shoe while in use is one of the most important aspects of a good cycling shoe.


  • The soft instep closure system eliminates the need for high instep extender.
  • The closure system is replaceable.
  • The shoes can be adjusted while the cyclist is cycling.
  • Minimal environmental footprint.


  • Nylon soles instead of carbon-fiber soles, which are the standard.
  • The shoe is not fully bonded.


The Sidi Dominator 7 is a high-quality shoe that provides a decent combination of comfort and performance. The shoe utilizes a number of special features such as the microfibra microtech, soft instep closure system and caliper buckle, all of which makes it stand out from other mountain bike shoes.

The shoes reinforced heels prevents the shoe from prematurely getting deformed due to wear of extreme performance and the pressure that comes along with. This means the shoe provides not only top-notch performance but also a long use-life.



Let’s look at Shimano SH-XC51 Mountain Bike Shoes and compare it with the Sidi Dominator 7. These shoes are also made from a synthetic material but feature a simpler hook-and-loop adjustable buckle system. Its sole, however, is made out of fiberglass instead of nylon.

The front of the shoe is harder than the rest of the shoe, which provides greater protection for a cyclist’s toes and also ensures longevity. Moreover, the specially designed insole provides greater comfort and also helps stabilize the heel.


Based on the information we’re covered, both of these mountain bike shoes offer considerable value to their potential cyclists. However, since we have to choose one of them, we’re hard-pressed to go with the Sidi Dominator 7, which, to be honest, offers far more performance and comfort enhancing features compared to the Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes.