Josh, the owner of MTB Gear Box, has been an avid mountain biker, adventure racer and outdoor enthusiast for the past 20 years. He lives in the beautiful country of New Zealand, which is renowned for its incredible terrain and outdoor lifestyle.

His passion for riding started when he was just a kid, shredding the trails with his mates on a daily basis. All of his knowledge comes from experience using some of the best and some of the worst gear on the market!

Margeaux transitioned from road cycling to mountain biking around three years ago when she realized she wasn’t making the most of the terrain available in New Zealand!

She is an avid outdoors person, preferring to spend her time on a bike, running or hiking. Again, her knowledge of mountain biking gear comes from many years of use of mountain biking products, so she knows what’s good and what’s not.

We started on this website when we realized a lot of the information out there on mountain biking gear was generally not tailored to the rider, and that he could put his experience and knowledge on the topic to good use. We want to make sure you have the right gear for your style of riding and skill level to ensure you are safe and comfortable while out riding.

So our mission, here at MTB Gear Box, is to match the right gear to the right people!

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