Best MTB Clipless Shoes: Our Top Three Picks

Mountain biking has become a favorite physical activity for several folks. However, not many are aware of the difference between a regular bike and a mountain bike. More importantly, the necessary gear needed for mountain bikes. Shoes play an important role when you ride a mountain bike. Regular shoes will possibly lead you to injury. So, in this article, we will be listing three of the very best MTB clipless shoes for your next journey on your MTB activity.

When you sit on a mountain bike, there are three points of contact which are your butt, feet, and hands. Very often, you will find yourself standing on the bike. Thus, cutting your points of contact and making it two, which is your feet and hands. Given the relationship between the feet and the bike and how important it is, it is imperative that you spend some time choosing an appropriate pair of shoes.

We have carefully selected three of the very best MTB clipless shoes available in the market and are highly well-known for being the perfect shoes when riding a mountain bike.

Best MTB Clipless Shoes

Five Ten Hellcat Pro Black/Red/White 10.5

Diamondback Men’s Trace Clipless Pedal Compatible Cycling Shoe, Size 42 EU/8.5-9 US

Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Compatible with Shimano SPD Shoes + Multi-Use Pedals 45

Five Ten Hellcat Pro MTB Shoes:

If you need a perfect pair of shoes that has a perforated tongue and provides excellent breathability, then the Five Ten Hellcat Pro MTB Shoes is exactly what you need. The tongue will assure not only breathability but also comfort. So, even on those hot days, you will not find your feet being extremely sweaty.

This pair of shoes is an upgraded version of the 2016 Five Ten Hellcat MTB Shoes. When compared, you will see that there is a very obvious difference in the interior and exterior. The new model is far more comfortable than the previous one. Also, the new version also has a glove-like feel and fit. It also features an orthopedically correct, padded and molded liner, which is a step up from the previous model’s cheap insoles.

The sole of this pair now sports a C4 compound, which is not only harder but also durable and comfortable. This sole will grip under all possible conditions. To add to it, it has a ¾ dual-density, vibration-dampening TPU. Such will allow the shoes to flex while you walk, and will also maintain the rigidity while pedaling. The TPU toe box comes with a four-layered, two-millimeter thick, and impact-resistant foam.

This MTB is available in five colors and sizes ranging from five to 14 for men and sizes five to 11 for women.


  • Great MTB for long-term use. Highly durable.
  • Better shoe toe box function.
  • This pair of shoes can also be used for hiking activities.
  • Flexible enough to the point that it can hold its shape and remain firm while you pedal.


  • This pair of shoes could get a little tricky, especially when you are trying to clip it into the clipless pedals.


Diamondback’s Trace Clipless Cycling Shoes:

If your area of concern is the weight of the shoes, we recommend that you give the Diamondback’s Trace Clipless Cycling Shoes a try. This pair is made out of a lightweight, synthetic leather and the mesh incorporated into it is breathable. The body of this pair of shoes also features suede.

This pair is available in color black and comes in sizes ranging from six to 13.5. It has cleats which are compatible with all three-bolt locks and SPD-SL and has complete ventilation throughout. To add to that, this product has a three-strap system with a Velcro closure, and the TPU walk pads protect its composite sole.

You can be certain that while you walk, this pair of shoes will offer you great grip. That is because it has a rubber outsole. The midsole is made from a fiberglass reinforced nylon which improves the efficiency while pedaling. Although it is SPD-compatible, it also works well with platform pedals.

For additional durability, the manufacturer has provided a reinforced toe and heel cup. Also, for easy on-and-off convenience, a heel loop has been added. Not only can you use this pair for cycling but also works great while you go hiking. The manufacturer claims that it works well for indoor cycling too.


  • Highly durable and meant for long-term use.
  • Sole is not as stiff which is perfect as it is easier to walk in them.
  • Highly comfortable shoes.


  • There are issues with the shoe sizing.


Shimano’s Mountain or Sport SPD Cycling Shoes:

The company claims that the Shimano’s Mountain or Sport SPD Cycling Shoes is perfect if you are a first-time, off-road rider or if you are returning to cycling after a really long break. The upper part of this pair of shoes is made from a sturdy, yet comfortable synthetic leather and has a mesh top for breathability. It is available from sizes 38 to 48 and in three color choices.

The insole is flat, which is not only comfortable but also lightweight, and to add to that, it provides uniform cushioning for the foot. For added support, this product has a dual lock and hoop straps. It has a polyamide midsole, and fiberglass reinforced which balances stiffness with compliance and provides efficient pedaling. Additionally, it is also great to walk in these shoes as they have a high-traction rubber outsole.

This pair has an extra toe box volume which means that it will accommodate any shape of the foot without affecting the fit of the length.


  • This pair of shoes will fit any and every leg shape.
  • They are comfortable while you pedal and also while you walk.
  • Highly durable and will last for a very long time.


  • Has limited sizes
  • The shoes do not come with cleat nuts.



These are definitely three of the best MTB clipless shoes you can find right now. Each of them has a great feature to offer, and it is really tough to choose just one of them. However, our personal favorite is the Five Ten Hellcat Pro MTB Shoes. The company has put in quite a bit of thought and listened to the opinions of all the people who used the previous model of this pair.

Not only is this comfortable, but the sole also sports a C4 compound and a TPU material that has a dual-density and vibration-dampening system. It is also resistant to impacts and is fully breathable, which is why this pair of shoes is our personal favorite.