Five Ten Women’s Kestrel Lace Wms Bike Shoe Review

Mountain biking is becoming a popular sport around the world. This sport is not only popular among men, it is also a favorite activity of women who are looking for some adventure in their lives.

While mountain biking is a fun and adventurous sport, this activity is not easy. It is also risky if you are not wearing or using the right gear. Aside from a helmet, a bike, and other types of gears that are designed specifically for this sport, you also need shoes that have better grip, fit, and breathability.

For mountain biking, you need a pair of shoes with extraordinary grip and comfort to keep your feet attached to the pedal for better control. This is exactly what Five Ten Kestrel Lace shoes do.

Five Ten is a US athletic and outdoor footwear brand that was established in 1985. In just two decades, it is considered as one of the top outdoor footwear brands in the entire world. This makes the Five Ten Kestrel Lace a good option for women who prefer pricey yet sturdy shoes over cheap and low-quality footwear.



Five Ten Women’s Kestrel Lace shoes look similar to skate shoes, but this footwear comes with a stronger grip and more comfortable soles. The shoes have thick but sticky-rubber soles that keep your feet attached to the bike pedal no matter how rough the terrain is.

These are little different from other Kestrel shoes, like the regular Kestrel featured Boa closures because the Kestrel Lace comes with tie laces. The tongue is also relatively thin, but the shoe also contains Velcro strap at the top near your ankle to provide comfort.

For better fit and grip, you can tie the laces and strap up the Velcro tightly. The weatherproof materials used are high-quality, and the shoes are designed to provide comfort and cool effect. The upper is made of synthetic material that makes it very easy to clean.

The cleat area is also big and nice, making it easier to take on and off. It allows you to keep your feet in descending position which makes paddling easier. It is a flat clipless shoe, yet provides an excellent grip due to the stealth rubber that sticks like glue.

  • Made in the USA
  • Colorful design with sneaker-like upper
  • Tie laces
  • Velcro strap
  • Flat shoe design


  • Excellent fit with the stretchable laces
  • Provides great support for the middle and front sole
  • Good breathability
  • Gripping sole
  • Weatherproof material
  • The polyurethane (PU) coated synthetic upper makes it very easy to clean


  • Slightly uncomfortable fastenings
  • Takes a little longer to get softer


Five Ten Women’s Kestrel Lace is an excellent shoe that offers extra grip and comfort to women who are interested in mountain biking. The thick rubber sole provides comfort, while breathable material keeps your feet cool. The upper material is synthetic that allows you to clean it easily after a rough ride.

The shoes are also weatherproof, so you can ride your bike during rainy, summer, or winter season without worrying about them getting blown out or ripped up. The design is also classy and stylish making it ideal footwear for different types of women. So, whether you’re a fashionable and stylish girl or a low-maintenance babe, this footwear is for you.

You may find these shoes a little tight the first time you put them on, but you will eventually feel more comfortable wearing them later on. The Velcro strap at the top of laces can also compress the laces uncomfortably creating an extra pressure on your feet. So make sure not to strap it too tight to prevent pain and avoid ankle sprains.



When it comes to flat shoe market for women, the Five Ten Women’s Kestrel Lace is among the top options today.

If we compare it with another popular women bike shoe brand, Mavic Crossride Elite W, you can find a lot of differences between them. First, the quality of materials and design of Kestrel Lace is much better, as they look more durable and sturdy.

The Mavic Crossride Elite are little lighter in weight but provides the same grip as of Kestrel Lace. Five Ten has a great market share as well so you can be sure that this brand has a good reputation.

Both of the shoes use same upper design with laces and Velcro strap, but the rubber soles of Kestrel Lace are thicker than Crossride Elite W, which is why this footwear is also slightly heavier. On the other hand, the tongue is a little more comfortable in Crossride Elite W, while it is somewhat uncomfortably thin in Kestrel Lace.

The Crossride Elite W is not as easy to clean as Kestrel Lace. Overall, both shoes come with different features as well as positives and negatives, so we recommend that you choose based on your specific wants and needs. If you are looking for a lighter weight, you may like Crossride Elite W; but if you are looking for excellent grip and control, Kestrel Lace is the top option.


If you are looking for an excellent bike shoe, you should consider important features like comfort, grip, fit, and breathable material. And because you’ll be doing an extreme physical activity, you should buy footwear that can keep your feet cool and comfortable during your ride. The Five Ten Women’s Kestrel Lace is a great option because it provides you all those features.

They may not feel very comfortable at the start, but after using the shoes for a couple of times, they will soften up to provide a comfortable support around your feet. The thick rubber sole is perfect to provide your feet nice support against pedals and even ground. Other than biking, you can also use these shoes for running and walking. These shoes can help you make your biking experience more fun and exciting.