Best Padded Mountain Bike Gloves – The Ultimate List

Having a good pair of MTB gloves makes a pretty decent impact on your riding. A bit of grip and extra padding helps you stay on the bike, while the protection keeps you getting back on the bike! Having one of the best padded mountain bike gloves helps with reducing vibrations felt through the bars and, for most riders, is a bit more comfortable.  

When looking for a good pair of mountain bike gloves, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.  

  1. Breathability– you don’t want your hands overheating in the hotter months or freezing in, the cooler months. Most regular riders will have two sets of cycling gloves (one for each condition). 
  1. Finger Length– fingerless gloves/ half finger gloves aren’t popular for mountain biking as they offer less protection. Full finger gloves offer more protection and greater grip on the bars and brake levers. 
  1. Durability– you want a glove that will last at least a couple of crashes. Check the seams for the quality and thickness of the material on the palm and top of the hand.  
  1. Features– touchscreen compatibility can save you from regularly taking your gloves on and off to take photos or send a text. Having a sweat wipe on the thumb can also be super handy.  

The Best Padded Mountain Bike Gloves  

POC Resistance Pro DH Glove Review

POC Resistance Pro DH Glove
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The POC Resistance Pro DH is the ultimate padded and protective glove. The palm features two areas of silicon palm padding, strategically placed for your comfort while on the trails. The top of the fingers and knuckles are protected by POC’s VPD padding. These pads will absorb impact as you hit the ground hard.  

These are a very durable pair of gloves, that have been designed to take some pretty hard impacts and scrapes. Both the palm and the top of the hand and made of strong but breathable fabric which keep your hands cool.  

The silicone grip on the palm and on the pads helps keep you in control and never lose grip of the brake levers. The touch screen compatible fingers allow you to keep using your phone with the gloves on too- which is a very handy feature! 

The closure system is a hook and loop Velcro closure system. This helps you easily slide the hand in and out, even with sticky, sweaty hands. The wrist closure system is on the inside of the hand, which doesn’t move around too much. This is useful as it stops the Velcro from coming undone while riding, which can be incredibly annoying.  

Again, this is the ultimate trail riding glove, so there isn’t too much we can complain about. However, it is a bit pricier than your standard glove. The POC Resistance Pro DH is POC’s top-of-the-line glove, so you do pay for the best materials and ultimate comfort! 

Giro Remedy X2 Glove Review

Giro Remedy X2 Gloves
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The new and updated version of the Remedy, the Giro Remedy X2, is a close second for the best padded mountain bike glove. It has a bit of padding on the outer edge of the palm. This has been strategically placed to prevent hand numbness. The top of the hand has ample protection over the knuckles and the rest of the finger, protecting you from any scrapes or knocks to the hand.  

The Remedy X2 is touch screen compatible, allowing you to take that photo or send a text very easily. The grips on the fingers assist in keeping a good grip of the brakes, even in wet weather. The microsuede material on the thumb works as a sweat wipe for those hot climbs! 

The material on the top of the hands is a four-way stretch fabric. This is a light, comfortable and breathable material, which allows you to achieve a snug fit without getting clammy hands! 

This is another hook and loop closure system. However, the Velcro strap sits on the top of the wrist. Personally, I do not like this as the strap comes undone, leaving a piece of material flapping around as you descend tricky trails. But this is a minor detail, and the rest of the glove excels in every way! 

The Giro Remedy X2 is again a little pricey, but they are not a purchase you will be disappointed with! 

Endura Hummvee Plus Gloves II Review

Endura Hummvee Plus Cycling Gloves II
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The Endura Hummvee Plus gloves are a tough yet comfortable glove. One of the nicest pairs of gloves out, the Hummvee Plus exceeds all expectations in terms of durability, breathability, and fit. The fabric on the top of the hand is a breathable, stretchy material. And it has knuckle guards to keep you well protected. 

The gel padding on the palm is reasonably minimal while still offering significant shock absorption and less hand fatigue. The gel pads have silicon grips, as well as silicon fingertips, to help you keep control of the handlebars and brake levers.  

The neoprene cuff creates a tight-fitting, secure wrist that stops a bit of material from getting into the glove. The extended cuff is also a really nice feel, especially as it covers the palm even with your hand stretched right back.

The Endura Hummvee is a pretty teched-out pair of padded gloves that look really good and perform like a much more expensive cycling glove! 

Fox Ranger Gel Glove Review

Fox Ranger Glove Gel
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The Fox Ranger is a classic glove for mountain bikers. The Fox Ranger Gel really adds to that, with superior comfort and excellent grip. The palm is fully padded with more gel pads right below the fingers. The aim of this is to prevent the hand from going numb without detracting from the feel of the bars and the ride.  

The silicone grips on the thumb, middle, and index finger assist with grip and work well even in the wet. The conductive thread at the tips of the fingers means the glove has excellent touch screen compatibility. The thumb also has a softer absorbent material which works as a sweat or nose wipe.  

The glove is tough and durable yet light and breathable. The four-way stretch material on the top of the hand helps you get a comfortable fit but would take a bit of force to tear. The hook and loop closure system on the inside of the wrist has never come undone on me. And the neoprene cuff extends a little way up with the wrist. This is helpful as it covers the base of your palm when you flex your hand back.  

This is a fantastic cycling glove for commuters through to downhill riders and everyone in between. It looks great, fits well, and the added bonus of well-placed padding adds to an already great glove.  

For an in-depth review on the Fox Ranger glove, see here.  

Giro Bravo Gel LF Glove Review

Giro Bravo Gel LF Gloves
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The Giro Bravo Gel Long Finger glove is a nice, lightweight, comfortable glove with a bit of padding on the palm. While not as heavy-duty as the Remedy X2 or the POC Resistance Pro DH, the Bravo offers a lighter feel glove. 

The padding is placed on the lower part of the thumb and palm, the outer part of the palm, and beneath the fingers. It is pretty much anywhere there is contact between the handlebars and your hand. It is super comfortable padding without having excessive amounts that prevent you from having a feel of the bars.  

The main flaw to these gloves is the touchscreen usability is pretty slack. This is a bit of an issue if you often need to send a text or check your maps while on your ride. It can get annoying taking the gloves on and off. The glove is fine for answering phone calls and small gestures such as that, though. 

In saying this, the Giro Bravo does come at an excellent price. And the lack of touch screen compatibility is something some people can put up with! I would advise seeing how much you actually use your phone while riding.  

In all, the Giro Bravo is a great glove and has certainly earned its position in the best padded gloves category! 

Final Thoughts 

All of the listed gloves above are excellent padded mountain bike gloves.  

If you are in search of protection on the tops of the hands, the POC Resistance DH, Giro Remedy X2, or the Endura Hummvee are the way to go. They provide just that little bit extra to keep those knuckles from being scaped. 

For a lighter weight, padded glove the Fox Ranger Gel is an excellent choice. It isn’t a super pricey MTB glove either, which is a bonus! 

If you are a mountain bike rider wanting one of the best padded mountain bike gloves on the market, you can’t go wrong with any of the above options.

If you are looking for a seasonal MTB glove, see here for summer or winter cycling gloves.