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Finding quality, durable, sturdy, and flattering women’s mountain bike shorts is a challenging task. It’s easy to find high-quality shorts, but they might not fit well, be the length you prefer, or look good at all. 

Before purchasing, you want to know the shorts’ fabric, water resistance, padding, inseam length, pocket number, pocket type, and many other features and specs. While many brands have made numerous comfortable men’s mountain bike shorts, the market isn’t as vast for women’s shorts. 

But don’t worry – just like the padding on a chamois lining, we’re here to support you.

We’ve selected 9 of the best women’s mountain bike shorts for women with various sizes, shapes, styles, and preferences for this article. 

POC Women’s Essential MTB Shorts

POC Essential Women's MTB Short
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Made from 100% Nylon, these shorts are a serious mountain biking women’s dream, especially for those living in wet environments. 

These shorts are incredibly durable, with a water-repellent finish. 

And although they do not have elastane or spandex, and we wouldn’t recommend them for very curvy or muscular women; they still have a good bit of stretch, and they do have wider hips than standard mountain bike shorts. 

Furthermore, POC specifically designed these shorts for mountain biking, and you can tell. They are long enough to protect your full thighs and even have “pre-bent” knees, which are compatible with the brand’s knee protection product as well. 

They also have high reviews, meaning many women agree that the fit is perfect for proper mountain bike riding.


  • Waterproof nylon material with DWR coating
  • Velcro tabs for adjustable waist 
  • Protective length and pre-bent knees


  • They may be too long for some women’s preference 
  • They do not include a liner

ZOIC Women’s Navaeh Cycling Shorts

ZOIC Navaeh MTB Short
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Image Source – Competitive Cyclist

The ZOIC women’s Navaeh cycling shorts are great for mountain biking, given their polyester and spandex blend material that provides both lasting comfort and worry-free flexibility. 

The side-tab velcro waist adjustments ensure a proper and comfortable fit for riders, no matter their size or shape.

Additionally, the tech pocket is a unique feature on these shorts, providing an area for women to place their cell phones.

Finally, these shorts include a padded liner for optimal comfort while sitting for long rides. And this liner is removable for times when you might want to wear the shorts for non-mountain biking activities. 

These shorts were designed to be fitted; however, some may find them a little too tight. If you prefer loose-fitting shorts, be sure to choose a size up from what you would typically wear. 


  • Comfortable and flexible material
  • Side-tab velcro waist adjustment for proper fit
  • Tech pocket for music player or cell phone
  • Padded liner for comfort
  • Fitted, sleek look


  • May feel too fitted or small 

Shredly MTB Curvy Long

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Since Shredly is a women-focused mountain bike company, you can trust them to have styles of women’s mountain bike shorts that fit well, look great, and still hold up strong to the elements of your adventure. 

These Shredly MTB shorts have a variety of styles for different women’s sizes and figures, but the Curvy Long is ideal for women who want longer shorts and have a curvier frame. 

We like it because these types of athletic shorts are typically harder to find and fit nicely on curvier women. 

Speaking of style and looking great, these shorts come in a wide variety of prints so that you can stand out and look unique as ever while hitting the trails!


  • They fit curvy women nicely, which is usually hard to find
  • Yoga-style waistband option
  • They come in various prints for a unique look


  • Pricier than competitors 

Mons Royale Momentum 2.0 Bike Shorts 

Mons Royale Momentum 2.0 Women's Bike Shorts
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These shorts are top-of-the-line mountain bike shorts, made for serious riding. They are right at home shredding some of the gnarliest terrains.

Mons Royale is renowned for their quality Merino Wool garments so unsurprisingly the Momentum 2.0 features soft merino inner to regulate temperature and allow the shorts to be super stretchy. 

Merino is an incredible material known for its temperature regulating and antibacterial properties, both super handy things to have in a bike short!

The shorts also feature a super durable micro grid outer that will help protect you from any loose debris or if you take a spill!

Finally to ensure the shorts are comfortable there is a velcro waistband and stretchy fit to give the right fit every time. 


  • Soft Merino inner
  • Durable and stretchy micro grid outer 
  • Velcro waistband
  • Slim design
  • Made from top quality materials from a great brand 


  • Expensive
  • Does not include a liner 

Wild Rye Freel Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts

Wild Rye Freel Women's MTB Shorts
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Image Source – Competitive Cyclist

The Wild Rye Freel mountain bike shorts for women are attractive and comfortable. 

By appearance, they are not as curve-friendly as some of the other women’s mountain bike shorts on our list but don’t worry. 

The stretchy fabric does the trick of accommodating women of various shapes and remaining comfortable as ever while riding. 

These shorts are on the longer side, which some women prefer, especially if they plan on going on longer endurance rides and more adventurous trails. However, other women may find the look of these shorts less appealing than others. 


  • Comfortable material
  • Stretchy material that accommodates thin, curvy, and muscular body types
  • Attractive prints


  • Longer shorts may not be as visually appealing to some women

6. Patagonia Dirt Roamer Women’s Shorts

Patagonia Dirt Roamer Mountain Bike Short
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Image Source – Competitive Cyclist

Patagonia is a trusted brand for almost — if not all — outdoor activities and excursions, and mountain biking is no exception.

Their mountain biking shorts for women, the Dirt Roamer, are slim-fitting and purposefully designed to contour to the body, which may reduce snags on the trail.

However, just because they are slim fit does not mean they are only meant for slender bodies. With a four-way stretch, these shorts are designed to fit any body type as comfortably as can be. 

They also include zippered pockets and have a polyester material that Patagonia promises is recycled polyester. 

(Brands that make steps to demonstrate care for the environment we get so much enjoyment from definitely receive a few points in our book!)

Patagonia’s Endless Ride Liner Shorts are, unfortunately, sold separately. Another setback is that these shorts are not as protective as some of the competitors on this list, especially for burly terrain. 


  • Recycled polyester fabric
  • Contoured design to reduce snags (and look great)
  • Four-way stretch to suit all body types
  • Zippered pockets


  • They do not come with a liner
  • Not as protective in burly terrain 

7. Club Ride Eden Women’s Bike Shorts

Club Ride Eden MTB Short
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If all of these long shorts look extremely unappealing to you, but you still want to have good bike shorts with lasting wear for many rides to come, we recommend the Club Ride Eden’s bike shorts.

They are shorter and more stylish than many other mountain bike shorts, making them all the more versatile in use. You can go on a quick bike ride and then meet up with your friends afterward and still look great. 

More stylish does not mean fewer features or decreased quality. These shorts have tech fabric that wicks away moisture and comes with a removable chamois liner with just enough padding for a comfortable ride. 

Additionally, these shorts stretch four ways for ultimate flexibility and have a water-resistant finish that repels both water and dirt. 

If you are looking for endurance or heavy-duty adventure-seeking shorts, these might not be a good choice given the lack of secured pocket storage, in addition to the lack of leg protection from the 7″ inseam. 


  • Short, stylish, and versatile
  • Tech moisture-wicking fabric
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Removable chamois padded liner
  • Four-way stretch
  • Adjustable waistband for proper fitting


  • They might be too short for safe leg protection on more adventurous trips
  • Only one zipper pocket 

8. Yeti Nori 2.0 Women’s Shorts

Yeti Cycles Norrie 2.0 Short
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Image Source – Competitive Cyclist

These Yeti women’s shorts are a tried and true trail short for reliable comfort and durability during off-road biking. 

These bright blue shorts will look great while also promoting maximum airflow through the synthetic, 100% polyester fabric. Yeti also designed these shorts with two-way stretch for suitable movability. 

The shorts have a water-resistant DWR finish, suitable for trail cyclists living in rain-prone areas. 

The fit of these shorts was made with the trail in mind — loose enough for a comfortable ride but sleek enough to avoid snags while riding. 

Additionally, like many shorts on this list, the Yeti Nori women’s shorts have an adjustable waist closure. However, Yeti’s includes silicone grips to truly dial in and secure a perfect fit that will stay fit for the whole ride. 

Finally, these shorts have multiple zippered cargo pockets for ample storage of trail items on each trip. 


  • Synthetic fabric promotes airflow
  • Attractive bright blue color 
  • Water-resistant DWR finish 
  • Double-snap closure 
  • Adjustable waist with silicone grips 
  • Multiple zippered cargo pockets
  • Long and protective – 12-inch inseam 
  • 2-year warranty


  • Expensive compared to others

9. Cycorld Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts

These shorts come with a detachable pad liner, a moisture-wicking, and breathable LYCRA and nylon fabric, an adjustable waist, and a relaxed and stylish design – pretty much everything you need!

Additionally, the adjustable waist on these shorts helps define your shape and fit comfortably for the long-haul and deep zippered pockets for safe storage. 

The padded underwear included has a soft, elastic sponge with air holes for extra breathability and longevity. 

The shorts are a much more affordable option compared to the others but that does mean they won’t come with the same build quality.

Finally, a unique feature of these shorts is the leg buttons. Everyone wants shorts with an adjustable waist, but Cycorld understands that having some adjustability in the legs might be helpful for some heavier or more muscular women. 


  • Detachable pad liner
  • Padding has breathable air holes 
  • LYCRA and nylon fabric for both moisture-wicking and breathability 
  • Relaxed, versatile design 
  • Adjustable waist
  • Adjustable leg buttons
  • Zippered pockets for safe storage
  • Affordable price compared to competitors 


  • No back pockets to use during non-MTB activities 
  • Lower build quality than the other shorts

How to Pick Women’s Bike Shorts

As you’ve now read, there are a variety of styles, shapes, fabrics, lengths, and more to choose from when it comes to selecting the best women’s mountain bike shorts.

So how do you choose the right one for you?

We’ll go through each aspect to consider to help you uncover which features are most important to you and which you can de-prioritize. Then, you’ll feel better equipped to select which shorts are suitable for your needs. 


The preferred length of your mountain bike shorts will depend on what type of mountain bike riding you will be getting into (extreme or causal?), where else you might want to wear your shorts and personal style interest. 

Some women prefer shorter mountain bike shorts because they don’t need as much leg protection for their more casual rides, and they want a versatile pair of outdoor shorts they can rock at any time or place.

People also like shorter shorts if they live in very hot and sweaty environments. Shorter biking shorts are usually airier and can keep you cooler throughout the day. 

Alternatively, other women may opt for longer mountain bike shorts because they want to partake in more aggressive, risk-taking, or longer mountain bike rides. 

In this case, protection and longevity are essential, and fashion and versatility can take a back seat. 


Most women’s bike shorts will come with an adjustable waistband, which you will most likely appreciate. 

Even if you have a relatively flat stomach, weight can fluctuate throughout the day, especially throughout long mountain bike excursions. 

That said, it’s crucial to get shorts with an adjustable waistband so that you can make the shorts tighter and better fitted when need be and loosen them up at times, so they are not cutting into your stomach as well. 


You should not overlook pockets when searching for mountain bike shorts. And it’s not as simple of a question as, “Do these shorts have pockets?” 

All women’s mountain bike shorts have pockets. But the questions you may want to consider are:

  • How many pockets do these shorts have?
  • How many pockets do I think I need for the items I will likely be carrying? 
  • Are the pockets secure? How many pockets have zippers? How many have velcro closing?
  • Where are the pockets located? In the front, on the side, or in the back? 
  • Will they give me easy access to my items? Do I want easy access to my items while riding?

Ultimately, you want a safe and secure place to keep your personal items, like your phone, keys, and wallet. If you’re bringing more than that (e.g., snacks, inhaler, first aid, etc.), you may want more pockets. 

However, if you plan on bringing too much more than that, you should consider carrying a small, lightweight backpack with you on your trips as well. 

Liner or No Liner

Many shorts specifically designed for mountain biking will automatically come with a liner, but not all of them do.

Some women prefer getting shorts that come with a liner because it’s simply less shopping to do. Others choose this route because it’s typically cheaper than buying both separately.

However, if you like one pair of shorts and a different pair of liners, it is okay to buy them separately. 

Often, people buy a pair of mountain bike shorts, and they like the fit of the outer shorts but don’t like the fit of the liner, or vice versa, and have to buy a separate item anyway. 

Overall, it’s nice when the liner comes with the shorts, but it’s easy enough to find a suitable liner if they do not. 


Price is a common factor for anything someone might want to buy, so women’s mountain bike shorts are no different. 

However, be wary about comparing the price of mountain bike shorts to other, more casual shorts. Shorts for casual, everyday wear were not designed to serve as many purposes or be as durable as mountain bike shorts.

Therefore, you should expect to pay a premium for high-quality shorts. 

If you look for too low of a price, the performance of the shorts may not be as optimal for your needs, and you may end up having to buy another pair way sooner than you would’ve hoped. 

On the other hand, there’s no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for women’s mountain bike shorts because they are of a particular brand name. 

If a pair of shorts have the suitable material, length, and specifications you are looking for but are cheaper than a different pair, that does not mean that they are worse. Some shorts are more expensive because of the famous brand name. 


Now that you’ve gotten the opportunity to consider all the different factors that go into choosing your shorts, we hope you are ready to select one of the best women’s mountain bike shorts from our list and get ready for your next adventure!