Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoes Review

There is no greater wealth than good health and there is no better way to ensure good health than to stay active and physically fit. As awareness increases about the importance physical fitness, we witness an increasing number of people trying to live more active lifestyles.

However, instead of just seeing increasing gym memberships, people are opting for outdoor activities. Every year we see an increasing number of people heading to mass cycling events and marathons.

Cycling is one of the popular choices for people trying to adopt healthier habits, whether it is to practice for competitive races or simply commuting on a bicycle. Cycling has seen a huge increase in its popularity with people all ages. Not only is this good for public health but it also offers an environmentally friendly way to commute.

If you’re thinking about taking up cycling or simply would like to go to a spinning class, you would definitely need good cycling shoes in order to prevent injuries and enhance your cycling experience.

In this article, we will look at Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoes and see if it could be your new cycling companion. We will also compare the cycling shoes with another cycling shoe to get a better idea of what’s good and what’s not. So, let’s take a look at the defining features of the cycling shoes.

Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoes Features

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As the name suggests, Giro Rumble Cycling Shoes are custom built for high-performance cycling. Choosing the perfect cycling shoes might not be an easy task, which is why we will help you understand these shoes better so you can make an informed decision.

The type of cycling shoes you would need depends a lot on the type of cycling you want to do. For example, there is road cycling and triathlon cycling and mountain biking, all of which requires a particular type of cycling shoes.

The Giro Rumble Cycling shoes offer the right balance between rigidity and weight. The shoes are also quite easy to adjust and more importantly are adjustable while on a cycle. Though it uses laces, these aren’t conventional tying laces. They work more like straps that can be tightened with a simple tug.

Unlike most performance-based cycling shoes, the Giro Rumble Cycling Shoes does not in any way sacrifice on the shoe’s design or its looks. It has a gorgeous design and is available in three different colors.

The cycling shoe is not a dedicated professional cycling shoe. You can use it for road cycling as well as triathlon cycling. It will allow you to efficiently transfer power to your bicycle’s pedal without any trouble. Its rubber outsole is designed for comfort as well as performance.


  • Rubber outsole offers comfort as well as a firm grip
  • Breathable upper mesh allows ventilation
  • Made out of leather fabric for enhanced durability
  • Hidden lace pockets to eliminate snags
  • Better pedal grip with replaceable cleats


  • Difficult to clean
  • Has deep heel cups
  • Ideal only road cycling


Giro Rumble Cycling Shoes are designed to provide excellent performance both on and off the bike. The shoes are designed to be comfort-oriented with a stylish look that does not sacrifice performance and functionality.

The shoes provide a firm grip and traction. It also provides excellently cushioning in order to relieve some of the pressure of constantly peddling at maximum speed. The upper part of the shoe is designed with a flexible, yet strong microfiber, integrated with a nylon mesh which offers the perfect balance between durability and breathability.



With respect to everything we’re covered so far, there are certain similarities and differences that can be seen in other comfort-oriented cycling shoes. For example, Five Ten Men’s Hellcat Bike Shoes are quite similar to Giro Men’s VR Cycling Shoes, which can serve as a good benchmark for comparison.

Giro VR Cycling shoes are strategically designed in order to fulfill its main purpose of providing comfort to a cyclist. On the other hand, Five Ten Men’s Hellcat Bike Shoes lack the breathability offered by Giro VR Cycling shoes to its users.

Aside from this, there isn’t much differentiating the two brands of cycling shoes. If there is another variable to consider, that would be the aesthetics of the shoes. Giro Rumble is by far the better-looking shoe.


Based on all of the information we’re covered so far, Giro Rumble Cycling Shoes and Five Ten Men’s Hellcat Bike Shoes are both quite similar cycling shoes. However, it is difficult to deny that Giro Rumble stands out on a number of key features including its design.

Moreover, Giro Rumble offers a degree of breathability that Five Ten Bike Shoes cannot compete with. Since we’re looking at comfort based cycling shoes, it is difficult not to take the overall comfort of the equation. For these two reasons alone, we can’t help but feel that Giro Rumble Cycling Shoes are the better option.