Giro Source MTB Helmet Review – Everything you Need to Know

Giro has released a new 2021 helmet named the ‘Source.’ It is an affordable top-tier helmet with all the features you expect from advanced modern helmets. In this review on the Giro Source, we will look at how it performs and what it brings to the Giro helmet range.

Giro Source MIPS

Designed to have all the features you need, with great ventilation and comfort, without bumping the price up with unnecessary features. Perfect for the all-mountain rider not wanting to make any sacrifices!

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Rotational Impact Protection SystemMIPS
Intended UseAll-mountain
Adjustable VisorYes
Fitting SystemRoc Loc 5

It looks somewhat like the older Giro Chronicle and Montaro combined- with the best features of both! It has the extended rear coverage of the Chronicle and the two-color outer shell that wraps right around the base of the helmet, similar to the Montaro. The fully wrapped shell helps prevent wear and tear of the base of the helmet, extending the life of the lid.

The rear of the helmet extends low, and is fully wrapped to prevent damage.


What is unbelievable about this helmet is that it is very reasonably priced. Found in the price range between Giro’s top two selling helmets, the Chronicle and the Montaro. This puts the Source in contention for the best value helmet on the market!

Fit Review

The design of the helmet includes the Roc Loc 5 fitting system, which is a 360-degree retention system to ensure that the helmet stays securely on your head. It won’t move around or create pressure points on your head as it tightens all areas at the same time.

We found that the size was highly adjustable. With a size medium, we were able to get it to snugly fit riders who were normally a size small and other riders who were usually a size large.

The fitting system also allows you to tilt the helmet (up and down your forehead effectively) so how the helmet sits on your head is entirely up to you!

Safety Review

Firstly, it has a MIPS liner (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which reduces the rotational energy transferred to the rider in an angled crash. Slip plane technology (such as MIPS) is considered essential in today’s market, and personally, I would never ride without it!

The MIPS liner is integrated with the ventilation system, so nothing blocks the vents. If you move the helmet around on your head, you can feel the MIPS system in action- which is certainly reassuring!

And secondly, the extended rear coverage of the helmet means your head will be much more protected if you come off.

The helmet exceeds the safety standards for these two reasons.

Ventilation Review

The ventilation of the Source is somewhat mid-range. While it is better than the Chronicle, the 16 vents don’t quite compare with the breezy Montaro. However, it does have internal channeling, which helps flow the air over the rider’s head to keep them cool.

Visor Review

The visor is adjustable, as you would expect for a top-tier helmet. The visor lifts up enough to store goggles beneath, too, which is very handy.

Comfort Review

As with pretty much all the Giro Helmets, the Source is very very comfortable. The padding is soft to the touch, and quite thick.

The anti-microbial padding prevents the build-up of odors, so you won’t be riding around with a smelly helmet! Additionally, the padding is removable and washable if need be!

See our post on how to clean a helmet here.

Final Remarks on the Giro Source

The Giro Source is not anything super fancy like the pricey new Giro Manifest, but it is an exceptional helmet for an all-mountain rider. The extended rear coverage and MIPS liner give it good safety ratings while still being comfortable and well ventilated.

I can highly recommend as a good buy for anyone wanting an updated helmet for an excellent price!

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