Best Dual Platform (Hybrid) Bike Pedals – Our Top 6 Picks

Typically bike riders have to choose between clipless or flat pedals, but with dual-platform pedals offering the best of both worlds, this is no longer the case. Dual platform pedals are often called hybrid pedals or even clipless/flat combo pedals. 

Anyway, enough said, check out our picks for the best dual-platform pedals and what kind of rider they will suit. If you need more information on what to look for in dual-platform pedals, check out the latter half of this article.

Best Dual Platform Pedals For Mountain Biking

If you will use the pedals for mountain biking, you will want to spend a little bit more on getting a more sturdy, durable set of hybrid pedals. If you like mountain biking in flats but commuting in clips, you will want a large platform pedal.

Funn Mamba Dual Platform Pedals Review

Funn Mamba Dual Platform Mountain Bike Pedals

A very stable solid pedal that excels in technical terrain. One of the best dual-platform pedals on the market for serious mountain bikers who like the freedom of choosing between clips and flats all the time.

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The Funn Mamba Dual Platform Pedals features the largest platform of all the pedals here, which makes it great for flat pedal mountain biking. The pedals are SPD compatible and will be best paired with enduro styled clip shoes like the Five Ten Freerider MTB Shoes.

The Funn Mamba is a very stable solid pedal that can handle anything the trail throws at it. The pedal is designed for more technical riding. It would make a great downhill or enduro pedal that also offers the flexibility that the dual-platform has to offer.

One standout feature that we love to see on the pedal is the grease renew system (GRS). This allows you to grease the bearings in the pedal without stripping it apart. GRS is a great feature that shows the level of detail that went into the design. 

One thing to watch out for with the Funn Mamba pedals is when riding with clips, the large platform can make finding the mechanism a little difficult. However, it won’t take long until it becomes second nature. 

Shimano PD-EH500 Pedals Review 

Shimano PD-EH500 SPD Bike Pedals Dual Sided Platform

If you are looking for a durable, stable, and reasonably priced dual platform pedal, then this is the go-to. It has a relatively small platform that keeps out the way of obstacles while riding but still serves its purpose when riding in flats around town.

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The Shimano PD-EH500 is more suited to those who like to ride clips for mountain biking but like to cruise around with flats. The PD-EH500 has a much smaller platform than the Funn Mamba pedals. Therefore, it will not be as comfortable to ride with flat pedals when out mountain biking.

The PD-EH500 has got everything you need as it is SPD compatible, has adjustable tension, and weighs in at only 383 grams. The sealed cartridge axle unit also means that the pedals are low maintenance and reliable. 

Although the flat-side platform is relatively small, it has plenty of grip with groves and small studs that stick out to prevent your foot sliding around when riding flats.

The Shimano PD-EH500 strikes a good balance between weight and durability that would be great for cross country mountain bikers.

Best Dual Platform Pedals For Road Biking

If you are looking to use the dual-platform pedals for road biking, then you’ll want the lightest ones on the market, especially if you ride long distances. You will also want pedals with a smaller, more compact design to make sure they do not get in the way when you are putting the power down. 

iSSi – FLIP III SPD Compatible Dual Platform Pedal Review

iSSi - FLIP III SPD Compatible Dual Platform Bike Pedals

The iSSi Flip range offers a compact dual platform pedal best suited to road biking and cruising around town. They also provide an extensive range of colors for those who like to personalize their ride!

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The iSSi Flip III is a sleek looking pedal that is best suited to those wanting a hybrid pedal for road biking. The iSSi Flip range uses the 2-bolt cleat design typically used for mountain biking and is SPD compatible.

The iSSi Flip is a range of pedals ranging from the base model Flip I to the Flip III. The main difference between the pedals is the bearing quality and selection of colors available. 

The iSSi Flip I only have a double bushing system meaning they will not be as smooth or as durable as the others, but a good option if on a budget. They are also only available in black and silver.

The iSSi Flip II comes with an upgraded bearing that is a bushing and cartridge bearing that will offer a much smoother rotation and last that little bit longer. It is also available in 9 colors for those that like to personalize their style. 

The iSSi Flip III is upgraded to a triple-sealed bearing that will be hyper smooth and stand the test of time. All the color options are available as well.

The iSSi Flip range offers a compact pedal that can be used for road biking and around town. They have hit the sweet spot for hybrid pedals as the platform is small and compact. However, it is still large enough to prevent your foot slipping around when riding flats with the adjustable pins.

Weighing in at 493 grams, they are not as light as Shimanos A530, but they offer a more compact design and for a lower price. An excellent option for the casual road biker who likes the flexibility of choosing between clips and flats.

Shimano PD-A530 Dual Platform Pedal Review

Shimano PD-A530 SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedal

The road equivalent of the Shimano PD-EH500, the pedal is one of the lightest in its class, and another well made pedal from Shimano.

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The Shimano PD-A530 is the road equivalent of the Shimano PD-EH500 where they are slightly more compact, lighter, and offer a less aggressive flat pedal side. They still use SPD technology and feature a customize entry and release tension settings.

The Shimano PD-A530 is also impressively light for a dual-platform pedal weighing in at 383 grams, the lightest pedal on this list. This makes them a great option for road biking, where weight is critical.

The flat side does not feature aggressive pins like on the PD-EH500s. Instead, Shimano has gone for a concave stable platform that won’t offer a heap of grip but will be enough for around town. They could, however, become a bit slippery when riding flats in the wet. 

As with the PD-EH500, the pedal comes with a sealed cartridge axle unit that is low maintenance and fully serviceable, making the pedals very durable.

The lightest dual pedal available and a great option for road bikers. Another good solid pedal from Shimano, which just does everything it was made to do.

Best Dual Platform Pedals For Commuting

If you just use the pedals to commute to work and ride around town, then you can get away with some cheaper pedals that are slightly heavier but will still do everything you need. For commuting, pedals with reflectors are a great option, especially if you will be riding in the dark.

Shimano PD-T421 Dual Platform Pedal Review

SHIMANO PD-T421 Dual Platform Pedals

An excellent pedal for commuting and riding around town. Not suitable for anyone planning on doing any off-road adventures but great for cruising around town.

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The Shimano PD-T421 are part of Shimanos urban range and are designed for riding around town. They feature Shimano Click’R system, which is compatible with SPD cleats and has an adjustable release tension. 

For its class, the pedal is reasonably light, weighing in at 418 grams. This is thanks to using a molded plastic cage to support the foot rather than the alloy used in the more expensive models. This means that the pedals are great around town but will not be suitable for mountain biking. 

The flat-side has molded pins to provide extra grip on your shoes. These won’t offer a huge amount of grip but will be plenty for riding in dry conditions with regular shoes. With the molded pins, you have to be very careful when they get wet as they can be very slippery and so extra caution is required in the wet. The concave shape of the platform will help with this but worth thinking about when purchasing these pedals.

A durable Chrome-moly axle is used on the Shimano PD-T421 pedals, which is a nice feature and will ensure the pedals last. 

Overall this is a great commuter pedal for a reasonable price. It will suit the rider who mostly cruises around town and doesn’t do anything too extreme.

Shimano PD-M324 Dual Platform Pedal Review

SHIMANO E-PDM324 Dual Platform Bike Pedals

A solidly built commuter pedal with an old school metal cage that provides plenty of grip for flat pedal riding. A great durable pedal for commuters who don't mind a slightly heavier pedal.

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The Shimano PD-M324 is a solidly built commuter pedal with an old school metal cage platform on one side and an SPD compatible clip on the other. 

The pedal is not light, weighing in at 542 grams, but that means that you get a solid durable pedal. The weight means that the pedal will not be good for racing but will not be an issue for commuting and cruising around.

The Shimano PD-M324 also features a sealed cup and cone bearing mechanism that is easily pulled apart for servicing, keeping the pedal running smooth.

The flat side is made of a metal cage with grooves machined in for grip. This means that the pedal works well in both wet and dry conditions providing a nice big platform for your feet. The larger platform means the pedals are much more comfortable to ride than the smaller platform like that on the Shimano PD-T421.

Overall this is a solidly built durable pedal that will satisfy the needs of the typical commuter. Another great all-round pedal from Shimano that does everything it needs to.

What are Dual Platform Pedals?

Typically pedals are designed for a specific purpose such as either clipless or flat pedals. However, choosing one or the other limits the riding you can do. You can either use clip-in or flat pedals unless you buy two sets of pedals, which can get expensive! Not to mention the hassle of having to change them over all the time.

The solution is dual-platform pedals, where one side of the pedal has a clipless mechanism, and the other has a flat pedal. This means that you can choose whether you want to ride in flats or clips. 

There are many reasons this has its benefits; for example, if you like to shred the trails in the weekend using clipless pedals and shoes, but commute during the week in normal shoes, dual-platform pedals are a great option. They let you do both without having to change pedals every week!

Who are Dual-Platform Pedals for?

There are many benefits to dual-platform pedals, such as having the flexibility to choose to ride clips or flats without changing pedals. However, they won’t suit everyone, and here’s why.

If you like riding clips out on the trail and tend to unclip a lot around corners and put your foot out for stability, then you might struggle with dual-platform pedals. When testing dual-platform pedals, I found that because the clip is only on one side of the pedal, it can be hard to find when out on the trail. This is just one issue that is worth thinking about whether it would have a big effect on your riding.

For the majority of riders that won’t be an issue and dual-platform pedals are a great option. There are plenty of different types of dual-platform pedals out on the market now, and so there will be one that suits your kind of riding. 

Dual-platform pedals can also be an excellent option for beginners who want to try riding clipped in. It offers the flexibility of choosing between riding clips or flats, which is great for building confidence up gradually.

What to Look for in Dual Platform Pedals

The main features that differ between dual-platform pedals are the material and the size of the platform. The most common materials used are machined aluminum for higher-end pedals and a composite or plastic material for the cheaper pedals. 

Choosing the material depends on your budget and type of riding. Machined alloy is much more durable and will handle rough riding well. In contrast, plastic or composite pedals will be much more likely to break if you were on rugged mountain bike trails. The cheaper plastic pedals will be fine for riding around town or your local park.

The platform size is the other key feature. A larger platform will be a lot more comfortable to pedal with but will be heavier. A smaller platform will be better if the majority of the time you ride with clips and only occasionally ride flats.


Despite dual-platform pedals appearing to be the all-around pedal, there are still many different types to choose from depending on your riding. Ultimately it comes down to what kind of riding you do most often and buying the pedal that suits that. The other side is then just a bonus for when you do require it.

Therefore, dual-platform pedals are a great option when you don’t want to be tied down to one riding style or if you are a beginner looking to get comfortable with clipless pedals.