Removable Bike Pedals – A Complete Guide and Our Top Picks

Sick and tired of hitting your shins while working your way around a cluttered shed, scratching cars and walls, or just fed up with always-changing pedals? If so, then removable pedals might be for you.

Removable pedals are pretty cool as they have a simple clip system that allows you to just pop the pedals on and off depending on what you need.

We have selected the best removable pedals on the market and also have a buyers guide to decide if they are right for you and what to look for when buying a pair.

Use the Table of Contents to navigate around the article and find what information you need. 

Best Removable Bike Pedals

There really are only two decent brands that offer removable pedals, they are Wellgo and MKS. Check out an overview of each of them below and what they have to offer.

Wellgo Removable Bike Pedals

One of the most popular brands that offer removable pedals is Wellgo, they provide good quality pedals that have everything you need. 

Their removable pedal system is also one of the best, being easy to release and also stable, with a very low chance of accidentally falling out when installed correctly. It really is a two-second job to quickly remove and install the pedals.

Wellgo pedals also feature a steel shaft so you can be confident that the pedals are held securely and will last for plenty of rides to come.

They also have an aluminium platform, so they are actually reasonably light considering they are also removable. The standard pedals weigh in at a respectable 325 grams so weight definitely wont be an issue with them.

Wellgo also have a variety of different types of pedals, we have shown the standard flat pedal, SPD pedal, and even a dual-platform pedal for ultimate flexibility. All the pedals have the same removable system and so they can quickly be changed if you decide to have two different kinds.

It is worth noting that Wellgo has both a first and second generation removable pedal system, so make sure if you are purchasing more than one pair that you get the same type.

Check out the three types of pedals that Wellgo have to offer below.

Wellgo Flat Removable Pedal

Wellgo Removable Flat Pedals

Wellgos standard flat pedals that feature a durable forged steel shaft and an alloy body. 

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Wellgo SPD Removable Pedal 

Wellgo Removable SPD Pedals

The Wellgo SPD removable pedal is excellent for a commuter who likes to ride with clips or someone who likes to just likes to cruise around with the added security of clip pedals.

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Wellgo Dual-Platform Removable Pedal

Wellgo Dual-Platform Removable Bike Pedal

A one of a kind pedal that not only is removable but also has one side being flat and the other being SPD compatible. This combination offers plenty of flexibility with where your bike is stored and what you like to ride in.

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MKS Removable Bike Pedals

Another popular brand for removable pedals are MKS, they are very similar to the Wellgo pedals with slightly different design features.

Firstly they have a different removable system and so a Wellgo pedal will not be compatible with an MKS pedal system. 

The MKS removable pedal system is not as good as the Wellgo system. The MKS system has a simple clip-in system which is not as secure as Wellgos and therefore requires a little stopper piece to prevent the pedal from accidentally falling off. For starters, a pedal falling off can be really dangerous and should definitely not happen. Also, it means the process of removing and installing the pedal is a bit more fiddly, and I’m sure if you are anything like me, that little stopper is definitely going to get lost. 

Like the Wellgo pedals the body of the pedal is made of alloy and the standard flat pedal weighs in at a very similar 340 grams.

MKS also have a range of different pedals that can connect in with their detachable system. Check out there flat and SPD removable pedals below.

MKS Flat Removable Pedal

MKS AR-2 Removable Flat Bike Pedals

Just your typical flat pedal that does what it needs to, there is minimal grooves for grip which is good for not chewing up your shoes but won’t offer much in the way of grip when it gets wet.

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MKS SPD Removable Pedal

MKS MM-Cube Clipless Removable SPD Pedal

A pedal for those looking for a little more security for their foot, or who have a slightly longer commute and want more efficient pedaling.

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What are Removable Bike Pedals?

Removable pedals are a unique kind of pedal made of two separate pieces that make removing the pedals super quick when you need to.

The first piece is the bit that connects to the crank, this is made of the pedal thread and also a mechanism for the pedal body to connect into.

Those two pieces are the beauty of the removable pedal as now removing the pedal is as simple as pulling it in and out of the clip system.

What are the Benefits of Removable Bike Pedals?

There are many benefits to removable pedals with the first being that the pedals tend to stick out a lot and are a magnet for your shins when you walk around a bike. For tight storage areas, the pedals can easily be removed slimming the bike right down and giving you more room to move around it.

The next is for the commuter when you arrive at the office or apartment and have to push the bike around. Removing the pedals means you will no longer be scratching the walls and doors with your pedals. They make it super easy to push your bike around tight spaces and also stop you from smacking your shins on them as well.

I’m sure we’ve all had the battle of putting a bike in the boot of a car and the pedal catches on everything on its way through, definitely a frustrating experience. With removable pedals, they can simply be removed and the bike will slide straight into the car. 

The last being if you like to change between flat and clipless pedals a lot, the standard removable system within brands makes it super easy to just swap the pedals out. A huge timesaver compared to always unthreading and rethreading pedals. 

What are the Issues with Removable Bike Pedals?

As with all good things, there are a few issues with removable pedals, some of these won’t be a problem for most people, and so removable pedals will be right for them.

The first is that the removable pedal mechanism is the point of the pedal that takes all of the force from your weight and pedalling. Now for the town cruiser and commuter, this is fine, but if you are looking at racing or mountain biking, then this will become an issue. 

Although the mechanisms are robust, I wouldn’t want to be attacking any serious mountain bike trails, as it will weaken the mechanism meaning its more likely that the pedal will fall off, which would be disastrous.

Another is that the extra system used to attach the pedals does add weight to the pedals. For most people the added weight compared to standard pedals is negligible, but if you are a weight fanatic then they might not be for you.

The last is that with any moving part, things wear out and so the durability of these pedals, although they are good, will not be as good as a similarly priced standard pedal. They will still last plenty long enough for most people, but if you ride a lot then its worth noting they won’t last as long as standard pedals. 

Who do Removable Pedals Suit?

Now all in all, there are certainly a category of people who will absolutely love the benefits and features of removable pedals. Those are commuters and those that just like to talk the odd cruise around town.

The pedals don’t suit mountain bikers or those looking to do any racing. However, they would be a great addition for a commuter helping free up a bit of space and make walking around the office with a bike much more straightforward.

If you find yourself always changing bike pedals, then they would be a great addition to your life and will save a lot of time.


So there you have it, are removable pedals for you? They certainly do have their uses and would fit nicely with a commuter or those who just like to cruise around town. 

Removable pedals will undoubtedly save a few scratches on the car and walls.

If you do decide they are for you, then the Wellgo second generation pedal system is very good and would be our choice as to which one to go for. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment below.