Best Waterproof Mountain Bike Shorts – Our Top 5 Picks!

Suppose you’ve recently purchased a mountain bike and are ready to hit the trails—not so fast! You should make sure that you have the right gear to support your ride as well.

Getting a good pair of waterproof or water-repellent mountain bike shorts might be your next best move, especially if you live in a particularly wet and rainy area like the Pacific Northwest. 

Your fresh, well-designed mountain bike might be able to hold up to the wet and soggy terrain, but you don’t want to be caught in the rain wearing heavy, soaking shorts and drawers because you neglected to buy waterproof shorts. 

Most of these mountain bike shorts are padded, and most have a comfortable material mix of nylon or polyester and elastane or spandex for enough waterproof or water-resistant protection while still feeling breathable and flexible.

Water-Proof, Water-Repellent, and Water-Resistant

Keep in mind that some of these shorts are labeled waterproof while some are labeled water-repellent or water-resistant.

Often these labels are used interchangeably, but in general, waterproof items will be more appropriate for heavy-duty rains. They will provide more rain protection but at the cost of being less flexible and breathable.

Water-resistant shorts, or shorts with a water-repellent coating, will have a dynamic approach, allowing for some protection from light rain. They typically result in more breathable, airy, lightweight, and flexible shorts overall. 

This is why we included all levels of shorts on this list. What you will prefer depends on your specific environment and comfort preferences. 

Beyond those features, we’ll detail both the pros and cons of each pair, so you’ll have a good idea of what will be best for your specific preferences. 

So without further ado, the following items are our top seven picks for the best waterproof mountain bike shorts. 

Endura Hummvee Mountain Bike Baggy Cycling Short II with Liner

Endura Hummvee Mountain Bike Short II
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Endura has an excellent pair of water-repellent shorts made of durable nylon rip-stop material and finished with DWR water-repellent material. DWR is Endura’s high-performance water-repellent coating (Find out more here).

These shorts include a liner with a 200 series pad that is super comfortable to wear during your rides but is easy to remove if you’d ever prefer not to ride with it. The liner is also interchangeable with other mountain biking cycle shorts in Endura’s range.

These shorts also come with large zipper pockets to ensure your items stay safe, no matter where the adventure takes you. 

Finally, these shorts have thigh vents with mesh inserts, allowing these water-repellent shorts to stay as breathable and airy as possible. 

The downside of these shorts is that the fly closure is a button closure. This type of closure is not always comfortable for all body types. 


  • DWR water-repellent material
  • Durable nylon rip-stop material
  • 200 series pad for comfortable riding
  • Interchangeable liner
  • Thigh mesh vents for breathability 


  • Button fly closure is not as adjustable to different body types
  • Expensive compared to competitors 

Endura MT500 Spray Mountain Bike Shorts

Endura Women's MT500 Spray MTB Short II
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These shorts are similar to the Endura Hummvee shorts above in terms of quality and durability but are designed to be much more waterproof. Therefore, they are best for those who live in very wet areas. 

However, the sleeker look will not mean a lack of flexibility while riding because these shorts include a four-way stretch for ultimate comfort on the trail. 

Also similar to the Endura shorts above, these shorts are complete with a water-resistant DWR finish to keep the cyclist dry while riding. They also include zipped hand pockets to keep items secure. 

These shorts are compatible with Endura’s click-fast liner, but they do not actually come with the liner. 


  • DWR water-repellent material
  • Durable nylon rip-stop material
  • Four-way stretch
  • Sleek look


  • Expensive compared to competitors 
  • It is lining compatible, but the item does not come with the liner 

Fox Racing Defend Pro Water Short

Fox Racing Defend Pro Waterproof MTB Shorts
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The Defend Pro Water Shorts situate themselves as the most waterproof mountain bike shorts in Fox’s lineup. They feature an excellent 10K/30K waterproof and breathability rating which will ensure you will stay dry through miles of wet gnarly riding. 

One key feature that many of the other shorts don’t have is taped seams which stop water from seeping through the seams of the shorts. Making the Defend Pro a serious waterproof short for very wet climates. 


  • Taped seams 
  • 10K/30K waterproof and breathability rating
  • Waist ratchet for a secure fit 


  • A bit pricey

Madison Zenith Waterproof Mountain Bike Shorts 

The Madison Zenith Waterproof Mountain Bike Shorts are a serious pair of waterproof shorts for some seriously wet conditions. Boasting taped seams and double-faced ripstop fabric over the knee for durability. 

A great designed short which extends slightly over the knee but still allows room for your knee pads. The Zenith also features the DWR fabric that will help keep you drier for longer.


  • DWR water-resistant fabric
  • Taped seams
  • Water-resistant phone and hand pockets


  • Not much really!

ARSUXEO Men’s MTB Shorts

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The ARSUXEO Loose Fit Cycling Shorts are highly-rated, well-styled, water-resistant shorts made of 92% polyester for a cozy fit and just enough spandex (8%) for the stretchy flexibility that’s a must-have in MTB shorts. 

These shorts include four-way stretch panels for extra ventilation to keep you cool and dry. 

Additionally, many of the shorts on this list have roughly two to four pockets, which may be just the right amount for some bikers. 

However, these ARSUXEO shorts have six well-placed pockets—all positioned in the front of the legs for easy and safe access. There are two hand pockets right where you’d expect them. 

And with four zipper pockets below, you can be sure you’ll have enough storage for all of the smaller items you’d like to carry along with you on your adventure and have quick access to during your breaks. 

The waist closure is impressive on these shorts as well. Some shorts have an elastic waistband to emphasize comfort and adjustability. Some shorts rock zipper and button or snap closures to prioritize convenience and style. 

However, these shorts impressively include a combination of the two designs, with a zipper and button closure in the front and elastic waistband side adjusters on the sides of the shorts for a more personalized fit. 

You can even quickly readjust your pants while on the bike!

Finally, the casual but sleek style of these waterproof mountain bike shorts makes them a great pair of multi-use outdoor shorts. You can wear them while hiking, camping, fishing, and anything else you might want to get into in the outdoors. 

The only downside of these shorts is that they do not include padding. You will have to buy a padded lining if you require extra seat support.


  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Four-way stretch panels for ventilation
  • Six pockets (two open hand pockets, four zipper pockets)
  • Dual-functioning waist closure (zipper and button, plus adjustable side waistband)
  • Casual, sleek style for versatile use


  • No seat padding included 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several excellent options for cycling shorts, and these are certainly some of the best waterproof MTB shorts on the market. 

Some may be more or less waterproof than others, and some might have a more stylish design, a more comfortable fit, or a better overall price than others. 

It’s important to figure out which features and aspects you value the most when it comes to your mountain bike riding, then choose from there. 

We found that the best part about all of these shorts is that you can use them in multiple settings. 

So if you decide that you don’t like one of them for mountain bike riding, they don’t have to go to waste! You can still use them for hiking, fishing, boating, running, or other forms of cycling. 

Ultimately, we hope that this list gives you some solid options for your search and that you find the waterproof mountain bike shorts that fit you perfectly.

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